AvailFinance - Data Scientist

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Full-time


Area: Credit risk modeling, Predictive Modelling, Customer Segmentation, Collections Analytics

Job Description

As Senior Data Scientist at Avail Finance,

1. You will be building complex models of consumer behaviour and credit risk.

2. You will develop new credit scoring models for blue collared segment and emerging middle class.

3. You will research patterns and trends in proprietary and public data sources to provide a more complete picture of consumer credit risk.

4. You will continuously evaluate model performance across a multitude of financial products and demographic segments.

5. Apply statistical techniques to measure results and show key trends, identify causal impact and attribution, analyze experiments, and model and predict future performance of loan portfolio.



1. 4+ years of experience in credit risk modelling/risk analytics

2. Experience in developing credit risk scorecards

3. Extensive background in data mining, machine learning and statistical analysis

4. A degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Math or related field from premier institute